How I use social media

I started this as a bit of an FAQ for strangers who try and get me to connect with them on Linkedin, or who want to post guest content on my blog, but I thought it was actually worth putting together something that articulates who I choose to follow and interact with on social media, […]

Simple CCTV setup using a Raspberry Pi

This weekend I’ve been setting up my latest Raspberry Pi (a version III, in a blue lego case, running Ubuntu) to display a video stream of what’s going on outside my house so I can watch out for deliveries etc. It’s something I’ve done before on different hardware, but I thought it was worth documenting […]

An updated guide to using Pandoc for document conversion

I wrote about Pandoc last year, but I’m using it more and more and I’ve found myself editing the original post a fair few times. This is the updated 2016 version that gathers together useful commands I’ve learned so far. Last year I found myself needing to do a lot of document conversion, and maintaining […]

Setting up WordPress

The following instructions describe how I install WordPress on Ubuntu. The instructions may differ slightly for other server environments, but the basic principles should be the same. This requires shell access to the server, but once it’s finished the WordPress instance(s) should be capable of being administered through a web browser. Part 1 – Installing […]