Social media notifications

I thought it might be useful to mention that I turned off all email notifications on social media sites a few months ago. I do still get banner notifications on my phone, but I found myself ignoring the emails on the whole, and thought I’d remove a bit of noise from my inbox. I still regard myself as active on (in this order) Twitter, G+, Facebook and LinkedIn, but I also still very much regard email as my primary method of contact for anything urgent/important, be it personal or professional.

I suppose it’s also useful to mention that I’ve started scheduling a few posts, both to my blog and to my social networks. I very much try and keep content relevant to my (perceived) audience, but if you do see me posting things when you know I’m at work or in a meeting with you, then scheduling is probably the answer (I use Buffer for scheduling, and may write more about this soon).

Social networking workflow

This is how it works…..

I post anything under 140 characters to using the Ubiquity extension for Firefox. This then posts them to Twitter and Facebook, and adds them to the right hand menu of this blog using the Twitter Tools plugin. Then, once a day, they all get spliced together by Loudtwitter and posted to my Live Journal.

I also add posts to my LJ using the Deepest Sender plugin for Firefox. I only post there if I need to lock things down to custom groups of people (or if what I write cannot be in the public domain for whatever reason).

Everything else gets posted here. Also via Deepest Sender.

Additionally, everything I listen to all all my computers and my iPod is sent to, which then adds the last 10 songs to the right hand menu of this blog.

I think that is pretty much everything.

Using Ubiquity as a Twitter client

I’ve been experimenting with Mozilla’s new (very much still in development) Ubiquity tool, which does a lot of what Quicksilver and Gnome-do can do, but is also expandable to an almost unlimited degree.

I was going to write a tutorial on how to use Ubiquity to post to Twitter, but it’s really as simple as starting Ubiquity and typing one line as seen below:

twitter Type your status here

Hit enter, and your post appears on Twitter. It’s really that simple.