For science!

Yesterday we visited the town of La Laguna, home of two museums, but also a lot of other impressive things to look at (architecture, graffiti, churches etc.). For me this was the highlight of the week so far, and it allowed me to see how the area I’ve been staying in developed over the centuries, […]

Festivals and illness

At some point I’m sure I’ll manage a week away from work without coming down with some sort of illness – this is not that week though. Yesterday started with a visit to see the festivities associated with the local holiday to celebrate the Canary Islands. There were stalls, singing and dancing, and far more […]

My travel setup

My travel kit (for non-work travel) now consists of: iPad Air 2, 64Gb, silver Apple wireless keyboard and/or a £10 bluetooth keyboard if I won’t be doing lots of typing Bamboo stylus (one of several I have) Raspberry Pi Zero, running LibreElec, with adapters/cables to plug it into most hotel TVs Anker bluetooth speaker (sometimes, […]