A fairly morbid post

This morning I’ve been thinking about mortality, and about all the people I see and talk to (and all the people I don’t see and don’t talk to but still care about). If I knew that I only had one remaining conversation with each person, what would that conversation involve? What things have remained unsaid […]

A week off work

This week I have been on leave. I’ve not really been anywhere, but have largely spent the week either at home, or out with family. My plans for the week were to reinstall my laptop, get my hair cut off, and do something about de-cluttering the house. It’s now Thursday, and I’m well on track […]

Various technology related ramblings

I was going to write a post about the iPad, but I think most of what I wanted to say has been expressed in quite a few other places. Largely, I think it looks pretty, but the lack of customisation and multitasking mean that if I was to get one, I don’t think I’d get […]

A brief life update

This week I’ve largely been: Listening to the new albums by The Flaming Lips, Atlas Sound, Charlotte Hatherley and Broadcast (all of which I’m really enjoying) Updating my main workstation to Ubuntu 9.10 Learning about Google Wave Trying to juggle various work tasks (and not dropping anything hopefully). Oh, and I still hate this time […]