I’m Andy and I work on the New Core program at the University of Birmingham in a Service Development and Release role. I also have a wide array of interests, that I pursue to a greater or lesser extent as time allows. Things I’m interested in, and projects I’m working on are listed below.

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My Interests

Music – I listen to music a great deal, and also write about it on my blog. I have a small group of people I talk to about music, and am always looking for new things to listen to and new people to talk to. I also started buying CDs again at the end of 2014, and signed up to Rough Trade’s album of the month vinyl subscription in early 2015.

Movies – I’ve been cataloguing every movie I watch since December 2012, and I’m always looking for recommendations from friends and strangers. I tend to like things that make me think, or that teach me something new about myself, the world in general, or the person who made the recommendation in the first place. I am also very partial to quite arty films, and especially those with subtitles, although I’ve also recently watched quite a few of the Marvel films, and am currently visiting the cinema a few times each month to get best value out of my all-you-can-eat Cineworld subscription.

Computing – I got into computing quite late, and I’m not really a proper programmer. I also currently work in the IT stream of a large software deployment project so my recreational computing pursuits sometimes have to take a back seat to give me some chance of a decent work/life balance. That said, I still do blog about computers a fair bit and I’m interested in web technology (especially WordPress and various social media channels), and anything to do with making computers work more like people and people work more like computers. I’ve also done a lot of work with free and open source software in the past, and still dabble on occasion, but I now largely use computers for writing, creating digital media, and hunting down new music, books and knowledge in general.

Writing and general creative pursuits – I’ve written sporadically for the last 25 years, from song lyrics and poetry to longer pieces on a variety of subjects. I don’t have a writing blog right now, but that might change shortly as I have a number of writing projects on the go. Currently I’m very interested in collaborative storytelling (of all types) and the blurred line between journalism and fiction, but I am also currently revisiting my unpublished poetry and prose from the last 20 years. I am also interested and creating music and movies, both of which I’ve dabbled with over the last few years, and in the past I’ve done performance poetry, improvised theatre, photography, painting and collage.

Ancient history and mythology – I am interested in the stories of the past, both those that are true and those that are allegorical. I’ve been interested in history since I was a child, and have a particular interest in the mythic history of Britain, Arthurian legends, Grail mythology and the evolution (or devolution) of faith and belief.

Sustainability and environmental concerns – I have a degree in Environmental Science, and am a great believer that as custodians of our planet we have a responsibility to keep it healthy for as long as possible. I’m a member of the Green Party, I champion green issues at work, and generally have a number of projects on the go that tap into these ideas. I’ve managed to go largely paper-free at work, which has been fairly easy to do, but very difficult to explain to other people.

People – I am interested in people, and how they work. I’m a classic INTJ in that respect (and in a lot of other respects actually), and I spend a great deal of time talking to people who interest me. I will go out of my way to track down people who I think can contribute something positive to my life, and one of my projects for 2013 was to spend more time talking about things that matter with people who matter. My project for 2014 was to gain qualification/certification as a MBTI (Myers-Briggs type indicator) practitioner, and I’m now working out ways to use the tool in my personal and professional environments.

I now try and maintain a list of things I’m currently working on, and ideas of other projects I would be interested in.

Last updated on 19th April 2017