Festivals and illness

At some point I’m sure I’ll manage a week away from work without coming down with some sort of illness – this is not that week though. Yesterday started with a visit to see the festivities associated with the local holiday to celebrate the Canary Islands. There were stalls, singing and dancing, and far more […]

A blog about blogging

I think I’m getting better at showing people things I’ve written. I used to be terrible at this; and at one point must have had hundreds of pages of writing that I had never shared with another person. This is largely not the case now. There are things I’ve written all over the internet, I […]

My travel setup

My travel kit (for non-work travel) now consists of: iPad Air 2, 64Gb, silver Apple wireless keyboard and/or a £10 bluetooth keyboard if I won’t be doing lots of typing Bamboo stylus (one of several I have) Raspberry Pi Zero, running LibreElec, with adapters/cables to plug it into most hotel TVs Anker bluetooth speaker (sometimes, […]