Lots of interesting music to showcase this month, including a Bowie tribute, a strong debut from Sunflower Bean and the second album from DIIV. I also can’t get enough of the Yorkston/Thorne/Khan record after being introduced to it earlier this month, and I’ve found myself listening to a few of James Yorkston’s earlier albums as well.

Sunflower Bean – Human Ceremony
Jherek Bischoff and Amanda Palmer – Strung Out In Heaven (not on Spotify playlist)
Yorkston/Thorne/Khan – Everything Sacred
Guy Blakeslee – The Middle Sister
The Besnard Lakes A Coliseum Complex Museum
DIIV – Is This The Are
Wild Nothing – Life of Pause
She Makes War – Direction of Travel (not on Spotify playlist)
Animal Collective Painting With
The Fall – Wise Ol’ Man (e.p.)
Field Music – Commontime
Amanda Palmer – A Mother’s Confession (not on Spotify Playlist)
Steve Mason – Meet the Humans