Creating static websites with Pancake

I’m always looking for new ways to make web content available easily, and Pancake is one of the best (and easiest) I’ve found.

The basic concept is that the application creates a directory in Dropbox, and anything in that directory is hosted as a website. It can handle Markdown, HTMl, plain text and a few other things as well, and has a decent default CSS that makes it easy to get a decent looking website online without having to code anything. There is also a web-based editor which looks useful.

I’ve made a few web pages using this technology, all of which have been written in Markdown using Atom as a text editor. So far I’ve created a basic home page, an example of a blog post (using content copied from this blog), and a page I made as part of the /now movement.

It’s straightforward to do, and all you really need is a Dropbox account.