Egypt in Monochrome

This is probably not the album of holiday photographs that people want to see, but it’s one I’m quite proud of, and was a whole lot quicker to edit down than the colour ones. The idea behind this collection was that we carried my old iPhone everywhere we went, and just snapped random things with […]

Travelling light

I’ve travelled a fair bit over the last few years. Monthly trips to London, a few courses and conferences each year, and holidays to New York, Rhodes, Canada and Bulgaria. I love travelling (both the journey and the destination), but I also don’t like having to navigate trains and airports with large suitcases full of […]

New Music – April 2015

I can’t believe it’s May already. And because it is May, it’s probably time for me to post a list of April’s musical new releases that rocked my world. My Rough Trade album of the month was by Wand, and came on delicious red vinyl. The rest of this lot is pretty delicious too though. […]