This weekend I am being organised and productive, but only with things that don’t involve going outside (or moving much). The heat and my general allergy to summer are knocking me out a bit, but I’ve still managed to get up to date with backups, testing, organising music and movies, and other computer related tasks.

The vague idea for my week off was always to have a nice relaxing break, so I’ve not really planned a great deal. I do have a have a long list of admin tasks to do, as well as a whole load more CDs and DVDs to digitise. I also should get round to thinking up ideas for food that are suitable for this weather. I made burgers, salad, spicy relish and iced cider last night, which hit the spot perfectly, but I don’t really feel like too much heavy or spicy food, so may have to explore new and unusual ways to serve salad.

I am also finding that the weather is making me musically nostalgic, and I am currently listening to pretty much the whole Cardiacs back catalogue, which I am surprised to find I could sell for quite a lot of money should I wish to (but which I equally don’t wish to because there are far too many memories there).