Over Christmas 2012-13 I set out to watch (on average) a movie a day. I then continued the experiment over the Easter vacation (which is much shorter, but where they should still be time to watch a few things).

29th March (Good Friday) – Youth Without Youth. I had been meaning to watch this for a while, but I knew it was quite absorbing, and I have not really had a great deal of time recently. I’m glad I waited though, because this is definitely something to watch in one sitting in a darkened room. And also it is probably one to watch alone. I enjoyed it enormously, but would probably not recommend it to everyone.

30th March – (Easter Saturday) – Shutter Island. Something else from my backlog list, which explores some interesting themes and is a really well made movie that I should have watched ages ago. I am reminded of Lost at various points though, although I suppose that is not surprising seeing as it is set on an island and features a lighthouse.

31st March (Easter Sunday) – The Red Dragon. I must have watched this at least ten times already, but I am a big fan of the Hannibal Lecter films (and in fact the books), and wanted to watch something familiar while I was doing other things as well. This is probably my least favourite of the first three movies, but I do enjoy watching them in chronological order (rather than the order they were made, which is different).

(and also) – The Silence of the Lambs. Because I’m on a roll, and because it remains one of my favourite mainstream/blockbuster movies. The subject matter is not pleasant, but it is familiar, and familiar is what I needed today. I suppose I should watch Hannibal tomorrow now.

1st April (Easter Monday) – Hannibal. This one is always a treat for me, because I’m a fan of Ridley Scott’s directing in general, and this was always my favourite book (although I prefer the ending of the book to the film). I find it hard to watch without having just seen the other two movies, but to me this is the one that stands out and the one I keep wanting to come back to. Next up, I think I would like to watch something I’ve not seen before, but that might have to wait a few days as I am pretty busy for the rest of the week now.