The second half of my quest to get into the habit of watching high quality cinema again.

25th December – Twin Peaks : Fire Walk With Me (I just received a boxed set of David Lynch movies for Christmas. I thought I would start with this one as I’m a little full of food and wine and wanted to watch something with a vaguely linear narrative. It’s also Twin Peaks, which means I could pretty much watch it all day)

26th December – Dune (Something else from the David Lynch box set. It’s still one of my favourite movies of all time, and I thought it was quite suitable as a Boxing Day treat before diving into more challenging things tomorrow)

27th December (a.m.) – Eraserhead (Very strange and surreal, but I think it actually makes sense on several levels, and I do really like the music and think it adds so much to the narrative. I have seen it once before, but I think it is something that is worth coming back to every few years to encounter new perspectives on what it actually means)

27th December (p.m.) – Lynch: One (80 minute documentary that came with the Eraserhead blu-ray, and which was on my wish list in it’s own right. I like watching how creative people work, as I think it helps me understand the creative process itself)

27th December (and into 28th) – The Krays (This probably doesn’t count, because it is actually on TV, but is is very surreal seeing the Kemps playing the Krays)

28th December – Three Colours : Blue (A trilogy I have wanted to own for ages, this was my Christmas present to myself this year. I was utterly transfixed from beginning to end and may have to watch the other two in fairly short order)

28th December (later) – Three Colours : White (See above. I really enjoyed this one too)

29th December – Three Colours : Red (Absolutely perfect, and a very fitting ending. I need more movies like this in my life I think)

30th December – Wild at Heart (Something else from David Lynch, and one of the few that I’ve not already seen. I like it, but it doesn’t quite stand up to everything else I’ve watched this week)

(and a couple watched after I posted this)

31st December – Lost Highway (I saw this ages ago, but could remember nothing about it. I actually quite enjoyed it this time round)

1st January – Mulholland Drive (An old favourite, but every time I learn something new).

The experiment is now over, but it has taught me that I should certainly find time to watch more movies once I’m back at work.