Over the last few days I’ve been writing two assignments for the management course I am currently undertaking, and it’s surprised me how easily I’ve slipped back into being able to write a large amount of fairly literate text in a short amount of time. I genuinely enjoy writing, and at various points in the past have spent a fair amount of time on all sorts of writing projects, but I’ve not really written anything more involved than a blog post for a few years now.

I was chatting to my co-worker about this, and about how I can still pretty much sit there with a blank page and know that something meaningful will eventually appear. She suggested I thought about trying to write something other than what I had to write, and I must admit the idea appeals to me. Of course, this involves having something to say and having an audience that want to read it, but I thought I’d articulate the idea if only to keep it on my radar.

Of course, I need to finish these assignments before I start working on anything else, and writing to order was never one of my strong points.