I finally got to spend an hour or so with an iPad on Friday.

I think that the iPad is a great piece of tech, although it is a little overpriced for my tastes. It handles web browsing and email very well, it looks great, and it seems fairly responsive. The on screen keyboard is totally instinctive, and this is coming from someone who is quite picky about keyboards. I found it easy enough to type in a few web addresses, send an email, and scribble a few lines of text. And this makes it perfect for at least half of what I do on the web.

I’m less sure it could replace my netbook as something I could write on though. And If I did get one then it would probably have to end up replacing my netbook because I wouldn’t want to carry two computers around all day. That said, I’m not sure the iPad counts as a computer anyway, despite being quite capable of doing most of what most people use their computers for.

I think my overwhelming feeling about the iPad is that I like it a lot more than I thought I would. But that I probably won’t get one…yet.