I am a big fan of The Setup, which is basically a bunch of people talking about what hardware and software they use to do their job. I sometimes think I should answer these questions a couple of times a year, just to track the changes in the way I work, but mostly I find myself thinking about my dream set up (the last question they ask everyone is about their dream set up).

I change my mind on this a lot, but what I basically want is a laptop that is thin, light and stylish, and that can perform at the level where I could use it as my only computer. The nearest thing I’ve come across is the 13″ Macbook Pro, although I’d be happier with something the size and weight of my 10″ Dell Mini with all the power and stylishness of the Macbook Pro.

I also wonder if having a desktop computer with two large monitors would make me more productive. I have a feeling that most of what I do can be achieved on a single small screen, but it would be nice to have the opportunity to experiment with these things.