I’d considered moving my email to Google Apps for a while. Largely because most of the webspace I have here is taken up with this blog, and I found myself having to use complicated backup methods to ensure I didn’t lose mail. So on Friday night I set up teknostatik.org with Google Apps (Mail, Calendar and Docs only at present), and I now have 8Gb of email storage (as well as a backup of everything useful from the last 5 years). I’ve also configured all my other addresses to point at the new domain, so that anything I get sent will still reach me (I had a couple of mail blips recently, the last one on Thursday/Friday), but anything new I send out will come from andy @ teknostatik.org. While I’m still using Thunderbird at present, I do have the option of the gmail interface should I choose, and I think I’ve managed to set up IMAP so it works exactly as it did before.

So yes, all change here, but hopefully a change for the better.