Synching Firefox data using Mozilla Weave

I think I might have already written about Mozilla Weave, but as there is a new version out today I think it warrants a mention. Weave does one small thing, but does it very well. That small thing is that it takes your preferences, history, bookmarks, tabs and saved passwords (if you have saved passwords) and syncs them with other instances of Firefox. I find this invaluable, as I often hop between my main workstation and my netbook, and it basically lets me bookmark things for later and have them show up on all my computers. Between this and Dropbox, I pretty much have access to everything important wherever I am, which helps with productivity, and ensures (theoretically) that I don’t forget things.

A brief life update

This week I’ve largely been:

  • Listening to the new albums by The Flaming Lips, Atlas Sound, Charlotte Hatherley and Broadcast (all of which I’m really enjoying)
  • Updating my main workstation to Ubuntu 9.10
  • Learning about Google Wave
  • Trying to juggle various work tasks (and not dropping anything hopefully).

Oh, and I still hate this time of year. Even though we had no annoying begging children this year, there is still the firework-hating dog to deal with.