To me, Windows 7 doesn’t seem much of an improvement on Vista. What is does do is return to making me think that the look and feel was modelled on a child’s toy. With XP it was Fisher Price, with Vista it was some flashy Japanese toy that looked good but no-one played with. And with 7 it is Lego. Just look at the dock and tell me I’m not right.

What with Snow Leopard being underwhelming, and Windows 7 not exactly making me want to switch back, I think Ubuntu 9.10 has me totally sold in the Autumn 2009 OS wars.

But there again, I’m ever so slightly biased.

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  1. I suggest you look again, Win 7 is a vast improvement in OS. The new dock and the the pop up windows make opening apps and files easy. Its Libraries and home libraries are a much more organic way of managing common resources and sharing them in a home network. Very cool piece of kit.

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