Rules and reward in voluntary communities

I’ve been involved with various voluntary communities and societies over the years, and have always been interested in how they regulate and reward their members without there being any sort of financial reward mechanism. I’m quite lucky to move in circles where financial reward is not the only motivating factor. Everyone needs to eat, but […]

Planet Localhost

Today I’ve played around with Planet (the software behind Planet Gnome, Planet Debian and lots of other planets), and installed a demo version on our home server. It’s actually quite straightforward, and I think I could theoretically get something up and running quickly if required. Of course, it does require people to have publically available […]

Buying music in 2009

A couple of things have changed about the way I buy music: The iTunes store now sells DRM free music, so I can actually play everything I buy on all my computers and my iPod. I’ve got a 50 songs a month eMusic subscription. So my usual decision making process usually involves working out which […]