Introducing aaahh-records – home of free and charming music

I’ve just stumbled upon this net label, whilst trying to determine which year the Wind Whistles album was actually released in (the answer being 2007 and 2008 in different places). The label has so far only released three albums, but two of them happen to already be on my list of favourite freely available music […]

Death by Panda – All the electronica you’ll ever need (and then some)

I’ve written about Death by Panda before (around the time I was listening to “House Made of Glass” on repeat). Since then there have been three further albums, all of which explore an area of music that can be disconcerting, but that does a damn fine job of sounding both computer-generated and very human. The […]

Ubuntu Customisation Kit

Ubuntu Customisation Kit is a great bit of software that allows Ubuntu disc images to be customised and then rebuilt. Uses I’ve found so far include: Making a totally up to date installation disc that can be used on multiple computers without having to install a month of software updates afterwards. Making an installation disc […]