I’ve been thinking recently about how we (and by we I mean anyone involved in any activity they wish to promote) can get information to the largest number of appropriate people, with the least amount of effort. This interests me because I’m involved in a fair few activities which would benefit from further participation, which will only happen if people know they exist. Software projects need developers and testers, LARP games need players and musicians need people to listen to their music, or at least to know they exist.

My current area of interest is looking at the interoperability of various social networking and microblogging sites, with a view to making the right information available to the right people instantly. Twitter and Facebook are both very good at this in different ways, but there is also a lot of scope to integrate microblogging within a more traditional blogging environment such as Livejournal or WordPress, which can also reach people who might not normally ever consider signing up to Twitter.

I think having a good web presence is so important, and so vital in recruiting and retaining other like minded individuals. And now we have the tools at our disposal we should be using them, right?