Seeing as everyone in the world is doing it.

  • brick (Toshiba laptop that is my main Linux machine – Ubuntu 8.04.1)
  • kallisti (G5 iMac that runs all my music-related things – OS X 10.5.5)
  • eeepc (new toy that goes everywhere with me – Mandriva 2008.1)
  • impulse (G4 iBook running Ubuntu 8.04.1 – lives in the kitchen)

I also have some inactive desktop machines that I don’t find I need to use these days:

  • Cerberus (old IBM web server – running Ubuntu 7.04 I think)
  • Baptist (very old Dell optiplex I’m half way through setting up as a router)
  • Scorpio (my old desktop from a couple of years ago. Now used to test things that might break my laptop)

Steph also has three machines; a desktop and a laptop running Windows XP and a server running Fedora 8.

Too many computers? There is no such thing. And it’s not like we have more than 3 or 4 on at a time.