KDE 4.1

I’m running RC2 of the latest Mandriva from a live-cd to test a couple of things out, and thought I’d have a look at how KDE is doing. It’s pretty, but doesn’t seem anywhere near as instinctive as Gnome. But maybe that’s just me. It’s still pretty though.

My computers

Seeing as everyone in the world is doing it. brick (Toshiba laptop that is my main Linux machine – Ubuntu 8.04.1) kallisti (G5 iMac that runs all my music-related things – OS X 10.5.5) eeepc (new toy that goes everywhere with me – Mandriva 2008.1) impulse (G4 iBook running Ubuntu 8.04.1 – lives in the […]


Kouki deleted all their albums from Jamendo, which is slightly annoying as I’d only got about half way through downloading them. I must have listened to about 24 hours worth of new music this week, and as I’m off work on Monday I might even get a chance to review some of it.